Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tavarres King, where are you?

Worried about the lack of supposed catches by Tavarres King o'er the first two scrimmages? Don't be.

I don't profess to know what exactly is going on at Georgia's scrimmages. I only know what I read and hear like 99.9% of the rest of the Bulldog Nation. What I'm hearing is that "TK" hasn't caught more than a ball or two over the course of the two scrimmages.

I've also heard that Bacarri Rambo has not been practicing with the first team defense, among other things.

Want to know how to tell how much of this is just the coaching staff trying to get a look at some unknown commodities? Just look at the starting lineups come the season opener.

There was a running joke that former Georgia RB Ronnie Powell was an All-American on G-Day and fall scrimmages, yet, he rarely saw significant action during the regular season. This is not meant to dump on Ronnie at all. He busted his hump and made it farther up the football ladder than most who play the game. I'm just making the point that you can't go by simple stats and recaps of a fake "game" with made up scenarios played behind closed doors (or gates, as the case may be).

So, I'll go on record as saying that, barring injury, I'll be absolutely stunned if #12 isn't lined up at wide out for the Dawgs on opening night, even if he's been the invisible man during the all important scrimmages.

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  1. Im in agreement, this is a chance for more depth building with players who were not in the system in the spring. Theres Justin Scott-Wesley, Mitchell, Seay, Brown, Troupe, Wooten, all besides TK... I am thinking we are letting some folks show what they can do, and we have seen enough of Tavarres that we know what we are gonna get.