Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Best to cut bait now

Make no mistake, with all else being equal, the Dawgs would be better off entering the '11 season with last year's leading rusher, and the guy penciled in to either start or provide significant back-up playing time on an already thin O-Line. But, all else isn't equal, and each player had shown signs of unreliability in the past.

I am big on second chances. We all make mistakes. However, both Washaun Ealey and AJ Harmon ran afoul of team rules, academic obligations, etc. last year, and indications were they were heading down similar paths this year. This is too important a year for Richt to let these guys find their way through life like my Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner finds its way through my living room.

In the end, the Bulldogs are better off knowing what cards they hold going into summer, fall practice, and the season, rather than hoping a couple of guys get their heads on straight and pan out.