Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Richt, staff did nice job keeping team together

OK, before you lambaste me with insults and cries of "Disney Dawg," let me be perfectly clear: A 6-6 season is wholly unacceptable for a Georgia team, and more so when it follows an 8-5 season. We fully agree there.

Having said that, there never appeared to be a time, at least not publicly, where players were yelling at each other, coaches were pointing fingers, and most of all, a time when the team appeared to quit. Further, this was not a team that looked altogether clueless in any facet of the game (even the defense, which was giving up a busted play or two each game early on seemed to, at the very least, improve on that aspect).

I agree that I am looking for moral victories, a practice normally reserved for Carolina fans, but unfortunately, that's where we are this year. Obviously, there are going to be those who believe that a 6-6 season is a 6-6 season, regardless of effort or having the team look like a bunch of monkeys having relations with, well, a football. But, to me, there is something to be said for a coach that never "lost" his team nor his coaches.

Again, there's no room for a .500 football team at Georgia. The record must vastly improve next year, moral victories or not. However, when I look at a team like Texas, which lost 7 of its last 8 games vs. BCS conference opponents (including a pasting at the hands of Kansas St.), I do see a team that phoned it in, and to me, that's a whole lot worse.