Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No news is good news on the Offensive Line

Let's face it. The big hogs up front on the offensive line are typically not the center of attention when it comes to the football news of the day, especially in the preseason. Sure, if you've got a 3-time All-American Left Tackle, or a unit that is recognized the country over as one of the most dominating in history, then you might get a few blurbs on "The Worldwide Leader." Beyond that, though, you're not likely to hear too many glowing points.

So, with Georgia's depth on the O-Line hanging by a thread, it has been a welcome thing that the starting 5 have not been in the headlines due to injuries, missteps, or any other such negatives.

New O-Line coach Will Friend, whose now-famous switch from a zone-blocking scheme to a more straight ahead drive blocking practice, is not given to hyperbole. He has, however, made some comments that lead you to believe he's not, at the very least, disappointed with what he's seen so far.

“Those guys have done nothing to lose their spot and have performed pretty good,” he said recently.

Despite the slight grammar faux pas, that's not the worst thing in the world to hear. With the exception of maybe opening a few larger-than-normal holes (wait, what?), the offensive line is, by nature, a unit whose goal is to not be noticed.

Don't get noticed by committing false starts, holds, etc.

Don't get noticed by getting burned off the edge and getting your QB killed.

Don't get noticed by getting completely blown up through the middle.

So, with just over a week left before the season opener, I am quite content to not hear much of anything about any of the offensive linemen from here on out.

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