Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is Boise State's defense really dominant?

Normally, this would be the type of subject I would not broach until game-week, or there about, but it was something I looked into and had been thinking about.

While the Broncos' offense gets the most notoriety, you've doubtless read by now that their defense is also an immense strength, having ranked #2 in the nation in both scoring defense and total defense in 2010. That alone means that, any way you slice it, they are talented and well coached.

Having said that, it must be stressed that many of their gaudy (or in the case of defense, miniscule) stats are the product not only of Boise St. being very good, but their competition being very bad.

In the 2010 regular season, the Broncos basically played 3 games that an objective football fan would consider to have been against decent competition: Virginia Tech, Oregon State, and Nevada. Against those three teams, BSU gave up an average of 29.3 points per game. Hardly dominating.

As you sift and search through the various scores of the rest of their cupcake schedule, you'll find that the same teams the Broncos were beating up on, other BCS conference teams whipped as well. Cases in point...BSU beat LA Tech 49-20, Texas A&M beat LA Tech 48-16. BSU beat Toledo 57-14, Arizona beat Toledo 41-2.

Look, I'm not trying to get into the "Team A beat team B, and team C beat team B, so this and that would happen" type of scenario. I'm simply supporting the idea that Boise St is a good team that padded its national rankings via the sisters of the poor, and was completely lack-luster from the defensive side of the ball any time they went up against solid (not even top-rate) competition. You'll find it's a trend. Virtually every team in the WAC last year that BSU pummeled was similarly beaten by pretty much every out of conference team they played.

It's pointless to sit here and say that Georgia (or any other team) "would have" run through BSU's schedule, so I won't do that. I will, however, point to what actually did happen last year, and recommend that everyone just pump the brakes a bit with regards to the suffocating, dominating, punishing, stingy, or otherwise dominating defense of the Boise State Broncos.


  1. I have watched as much of the VT/ BSU game from last year as I can find on youtube and I agree. Tyrod Taylor had tons of time to throw in a lot of those highlights and found wide open receivers across the middle regularly against the BSU defense.

  2. Boise State got some gifts and made some good special teams plays in the 1st quarter to go up 17-0. After that, VaTech outscored them 30-16 over the last 3 quarters. Anyway, not trying to say they're 'bad,' just that looking beyond the #2 ranking, they really don't impress any more than any other decent defense out there among the big boy conferences.

  3. I think a lot of people are playing patty cake here. If UGA plays to their strengths there's no reason to believe we should not beat Boise St. by 2 TD's. I understand everyone wants to take a cautious approach to the new season, however this is not the same team that stepped on the field with Central Florida in any meaningful way. All you have to do is look at the size difference between last years squad and this years to realize it's a paradigm shift. The infusion of talent is palpable and the energy vampires are history, so it's time to start believing in the 2011 Bulldogs. We are going to kick some Bronco hiney!!!

  4. You can find the VT/BSU game in its entirety on ESPN3.

    The BSU defense was solid but did give up points. The defensive backfield, with exception of safety is new this year and should be more vulnerable to the pass. If they have to double team to cover the receivers, it will improve run opportunities.

    The biggest question will be the O-line for Georgia. It has good potential and if it is reasonably effective, UGA should be able to move the ball.

  5. Yeah, the wins over Vandy show just what the SEC teams are made of.

  6. You missed a few points in your blog. They beat Utah that averaged 33 points and BSU held them to 3. Virginia Tech average 33.9 points last year, held to 30 by BSU (not much but some less just the same) Oregon State averaged 24.4 points and scored 24, Nevada averaged 41.1 and scored 34 against BSU. This probably shows that BSU can hold their opponents to below their average. Good luck to Georgia, they will need it against a better team in the Broncos.

  7. 32-18

    How can a team with an average # 11 recruiting ranking the last 5 years by Scout.com get beat by a team with an average # 69 recruiting rankings the last 5 years by Scout.com ?

    We have 21 Top 100 players and Boise State 0.

    We have 51 either 4-Star or 5-Star players and Boise State has 1.

    48-13 last time we played them, and last time they had a quarterback who the previous season was 12-1 and the same quarterback who the following season after we beat them was 14-0.

    What Boise State likes to whine, and needs to have removed from their vocabulary is that no one will play them, or their other retort, we can only play the teams who schedule us. Both of which my comment to is that pardon me we are playing you - again.

    I do not see a team with 2.41 average number of stars per Scout.com for all 5 years that make up their roster today being able to line up and play football with our team with 3.58 stars average.

    It is not even close.

    Thus, Mark Richt jumped at the opportunity to play Boise State again.

    On the other hand, if we stall drives by say fumbling the football 30 times this season and do that to begin in game 1, with our proven inability to fall on offensive fumbles too, this might make it a game, say 32-18.

    Giving up 3 points by Boise State means that the national impression is that Georgia is last year's Georgia and that Scout.com doesn't have any clue whatsoever about anything related to college football recruiting.

    Voters in the polls, which is all Boise State has in its favor that Boise State is # 7 and UGA # 22, give huge benefit of the doubt to any team that they look at the schedule of and figure the team will have a good won/lost record. This is what is wrong with the polls, while Boise State plays these 2 excuses that no one will play them and that they can only play the teams who will schedule them.

    Take our won/lost record 2011 coming up. Clearly, we have 5 games of note out of 12. That does mean we have 7 wins built in before The SEC Championship Game with the east such a down division and before the bowl game. We figure to win the bowl game because of our talent compared to everyone else, too although we could get scheduled a bowl opponent who averages better than averaging # 11 in the nation over the last 5 years worth of recruiting rankings by Scout.com.

    What we have been missing around here is that GATA of Erk Russell by both the players and the coaching staff. And, we have made a ton of mistakes on and off the field at crucial moments. We were very fortunate for all our Bulldog blogs to pick up on that Boise State blog yesterday for all the locker-room fodder provided by their "easy game" guarantee based upon their national rankings vs what this season is 10 of their 12 regular season games average every week the # 81 opponent according to Rivals Rankings today.

    Seriously, we should not be beat by the likes of Boise State.

    South Carolina, does match-up with us, obviously Missy State did last season, obviously Auburn until they start losing is figured to be a good team maybe, and Florida as down as they are supposed to be and certainly were last year too is a team that could potentially match-up with UGA today. These include then 3 teams who could beat us, with us being able to beat either Auburn or Florida, if not both. We could beat Missy State.

    The season, however, hinges on game 2 - although South Carolina certainly plays a lot tougher SEC schedule than we do and would have to lose 2 more SEC games than us if they beat us to play in December.

    For the 1st time in 6 seasons this season, I fully expect UGA to be in The SEC Championship Game. Might end up 11-3, and if we did, who did we beat ? It's not that tough of a schedule to end up 11-3 against.

    I am just thankful for the post by the Boise State fan base yesterday and to all the Bulldog blogs who quoted as much of it as they did, before I presume Chris Petersen had the page removed late today. Easy game. Yeah, for us.

  8. Everyone likes to bring up the 2005 game. The Broncos have a better team than they did in 2005. Lucky for the Broncos, Zebranski is long gone. 6 turn overs in one half...are you kidding me? Kellen Moore will not fall apart on the big stage like Z did. I think it will be a good, close game but give a slight edge to BSU because Coach Pete will have them ready to play. BSU by 3.

  9. If your team needs to use 1 fan's comment about an "easy game" as bulletin board material, y'all are in a world of hurt. If the players are listening to the fans, they are not focusing on the game. Fans will always say stupid things, just like your comment about Georgia should win because they have higher-star recruits. That is ridiculous! Just ask VT about how much difference their supposedly superior athletes had over James Madison. In a single game scenario, it comes down to execution, heart, and discipline. The number of stars you were given out of high school won't help you block, tackle, throw, or catch. Boise enjoys the challenge of facing a team that is supposedly bigger, faster, and stronger. Win or lose, they will be ready for the fight. Neither team is going to find this game easy, no matter what the idiotic fans on both sides say.

  10. Oh, that is right.

    I am so sorry.

    I meant to conclude obviously that the team with the worse talent clearly will win.

    Or, should I base it upon instead that because like this year Boise State plays 10 of your 12 games against teams Rivals ranks the # 81 opponent this season, your average ranking in NCAA stats is better, as your Network blog post of the day 2 days ago stated and agreed upon by plenty of other posters on that blog, before your Network Administrator removed the post from their WebPages and all the 300 comments.

    Boise State we will see on the field.

    This QB you said was no good, went 12-1 the year before we humbled you last time and went 14-0 with the same QB at the helm of Boise State playing your cupcakes the year after we slaughtered you by 5 TD.

    I only predict a 2 TD win by us this time.

    We have far better talent. Your knowledge of your talent, doesn't compare to the millions of dollars Scout.com is paid for their evaluations of the talent on the 2 teams.

    And, Mark Richt has more wins over teams who finished that same year he beat them in the Top 10 AP Poll than Chris Petersen does.

    Sorry guys but Boise State is not impressive. Try beating us for a change and then run in here and tell how great you are.

    Until then keep your we can only play the teams who schedule us out of blogs about it from Georgia Bulldogs' blog sites, because we gentlemen are playing you -


  11. You don't get how Scout works. If the school has a large fanbase, Scout sirens more time and money evaluating those players than they do schools with smaller fanbases. Additionally, they tend to focus only on larger high schools with track records of winning, so a lot of prospects who would be four or five star recruits if they went to a different high school or were recruited by a powerhouse program. Those are the players that Boise gets. Dont be fooled by the recruiting rankings, which are purely business driven.

  12. It's a slippery slope, to suggest simply because UGA has better recruits, they should easily beat Boise State. You should hope Richt and his boys aren't following your same logic.

    Why? Well maybe because Boise State has continually beat teams in the last decade that recruit higher rated players than they do. Recruit rankings are monumentally flawed when a kid can go from 2 stars to 5 stars simply because USC or Florida offered up a scholly.

    That being said, UGA lost a bowl game 10-6 to a team with unheralded recruits. You shouldn't be talking up your team's prowess in that regard and expect to be taken seriously.

    Fact is, out of 120 teams, the Broncos ended up in the top 10 in several defensive categories. Not just Yards Allowed or Total Defense. Their D-Line are guys who had PAC10 attention but got hurt along the way in high school or some 5 star stud committed and the schools lost interest. It doesn't lessen their skill level when that happens, they get overlooked.

    One thing you can't and probably shouldn't deny is that Boise State coaches recruits well for their school and facility size, and they develop talent probably better than any other staff in the country. Let's face it, it's easier to do your job when you have Alabama or Texas emblazoned on your shirt. When it's Boise State, there's a lot of people who point and laugh. So it's that much more work to get the athletes and get what you want out of them.

    As far as the 2005 game, let's put this in perspective for the UGA fans out there.

    Everyone look back over the last five years of UGA and Boise State football, and tell me which teams accolades you would rather have.

    Be honest with yourself, is it the two BCS Bowl wins, the 5 10+ win seasons(3 undefeated regular seasons), the nations top offense, all with the mid level recruiting? Or do you prefer the mediocre 6-7 campaigns, and just not enough 8-4 finishes with the mid ranked offenses and defenses, and bowl losses to Central Florida, all with top level talent?

    To be honest, I'd be talking about 2005 too.

    Here's to a good game between two good teams, may the best one win...

  13. To be honest if Boise St was playing in the SEC or major conference they would not have 5 - 10 plus seasons or 2 BCS Bowl appearances much less wins. Be Honest.

  14. To be "honest" if they were in the SEC and had the SEC funds with their coaching staff, there would be no chance for UGA.

    Gator fan.

  15. well, if you're going to compare similar scores, why not compare the stats too?

    BSU Defense @ San Jose State (48-0 BSU)

    SJSU had
    6 first downs
    80 total yards
    -12 rushing

    Alabama Defense at HOME vs. SJSU (48-3 BAMA)

    SJSU had
    7 first downs
    175 total yards
    89 rushing yards

    of course, BSU didn't fair as well with La Tech as TAMU did..

    since everyone else is saying it..

    To be "honest", why would Boise even be in the SEC? Can you imagine that travel schedule? and heck, we all know teams in the SEC wouldn't want to go TO Boise, so it'd be all road/neutral games for the Broncs. I'd imagine most teams wouldn't fair too well in those types of situations. No home games, 2000 miles away for every conference game.

    also, "to be honest".. both sides of this argument can find stats that will support his/her argument...

  16. Also, (i just posted right b4 this)...

    IF what Boise does in a "bad" conference is sooo easy, where are all the other teams doing it? Where's the Sun Belt version? Where's the MAC version? C-USA? Where are they? I mean, if it's so easy to beat up on little guys, where is the other "ok to decent" little guy beating up on his conference on a regular basis? It just doesn't happen. What Boise has done is no fluke.
    Since 2000
    69-2 at home
    80-5 conference record
    124 wins (most by any west coast team, USC is 2nd with 110)
    112 wins from 2000-2009 (3rd most wins by any team in a 'decade' (from a 0 to a 9) only Yale and Penn have more from the 1890s)
    Since 1997 (Boise became D-1A in '96 remember)
    145-32 overall record

    Personally, I just don't see how people still see Boise as a fluke who had "1 or 2 good years".. it's simply not true. Heck, Boise, I believe since they were a 1-AA team to now, has won 71.5% of it's games. (365-145-1) (6th all time in %). That's clearly not a team who only had 1 or 2 "lucky" years.

  17. I love when people look at scout.com recruits and assume they will be good. Boise State wins with 2 stars because of great coaches! Players fill roles for the greater good of winning, and egos are set aside. Georgia may have some better recruits but in a team game it doesn't matter. P.S. if you give Coach Pete a whole summer to get ready for you, your going to be in trouble! Check his track record!

  18. The main reason BSU's defense gives up points in the second half is because the offense scores too fast in the first half and the defense is left on the field too long. Peterson's game plan for big games has always been to run up the score in the first half and make the opposing team's offense one dimensional. This strategy wins more games than it loses but tough opponents usually mount a comeback in the second half.

  19. It doesn't matter that our recruiting class isnt as good. Look what your number five recruiting class did last year and look what our class did. And not just last year, look at the past five years. We have won two BCS bowl games without a recruiting class better than #50. Whats that say? It says that your recruiting class doesnt mean much. Our coaches develop their players into elite athletes that are obviously better than your four and five star guys because Boise state actually wins their football games. And all you Georgia fans think that Boise State's defense has small players. go look at our roster and see for yourself. Our Line backers are bigger than yours, Our two starting d-tackles are 300 a piece with their backups who play just as much being 307 and 320. And Boise has beat teams from everybig conference but apparantly every time its just a fluke according to all those teams,but its really just not being able to face facts. So get ready to feel like Virgina Tech fans, Oregon fans, Oklahoma fans, and join the club cause your all gonna get to go through the feeling of getting beat by Boise

  20. LOL.........

    Georgia fans are so funny.


    Your crap uga team can't beat crap teams like UCF or Colorado..... BUT THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT! lol!!!

    While this yrs team should be better(how can it not be from a 6-7 crap season) uga will still not be anywhere good enough to beat Boise.

    So frigin delusional and hoping on hope these uga fans are. They sound like a crappy WAC team getting ready to face big bad Boise State. All they can do is hope and pray and beg and talk smack until they get owned on gameday.........

    Classless fan base, but what else can you expect from Georgia people.

    BSU 51-7 an easy win for the Broncos, an embarrassing loss for uga and the SEC. Boise would be competing for SEC champ every single year.

  21. I guess utah is one of those little sisters of the poor or did you just purposely leave them out to pad you point?
    Lets take a walk down reality road for a second shell we.
    Nevada finished ranked 5 in the nation in Offense a school that knows Boise well they have a recent history of double and triple over time games even on the Blue , the final score there was actually one of the lower scoring games in their recent history. One might add that is the same Navada team that put up over 50 on Cal in cal the same cal team that held Oregon to less then 20.
    V-Tech first game of the year in front of 90k+ 75k+ of whom we screaming Hokie fans,. Boise held them to below their season average in points as well some have said that is the first time a single team beat another team twice in one week.
    Oregon State, again 2 teams that knew each other playing for the 3rd time in 4 years and again Oregon left Boise so beat up they had nothing left for the rest of their season.
    Then of course there is the utah game final 26-3
    a team that average 35+points a game, now there is one other game Boise played in 2010 you left out and I'm sure this team is another of the little sisters of the poor you like to refer too, tcu, you don't happen to remember what Boise's D did against them do you?
    Let me remind you the scored the first TD of the game Sack Dillon 3 times and even put him out of the game for a while while only giving up 10 points so now lets review the rank opponents games for 2010 of Boise state with this new information and see how that average score looks?
    TCU #5 10 points final 2010 ranking #2
    V-Tech #10 30 points final 2010 ranking #15
    Oregon State #21 24 points final rankings n/a
    Nevada#15 34 points final rankings #10
    Utah #17 3 points final rankings #23
    in those 5 games Boise gave up 101 points for a 20.2 average.
    I know this doesn't fit into your wishful think but it's the complete story not a bias one.

  22. Dear Georgia Fan,
    I am happy for you having won the "Recruiting Game" and having all of these "high star" athletes on your team. Take great pride in your big recruiting victory.
    As you are seemingly such history buffs, I implore you to tell me just how high the correlation is between the National Champion crowned each season and the "recruiting champion" crowned in the previous 4 years leading up to that National Championship?
    You see, recruiting rankings and football success do not correlate 1:1. Kids are rated by websites looking to make money, and the kids are rated higher when certain schools with large fanbases willing to subscribe to the stupid services start to recruit said kid.
    It makes you feel better to have stars next to your recruits names.
    Sadly, it doesn't make them any faster, stronger, or better tacklers, rushers, blockers, receivers.

    The point is this: Unless you forget about the rankings of your recruits you are part of the problem with Georgia football. Your team will continue to meddle in mediocrity in pursuit of High Star kids with low moral fiber and an inability to put in the hard work when no one is watching that will put them over the top.

    Good Luck Sept 3

  23. SO this post has been taken over by Bronco fans, or at least Bronco apologists and homers like myself.

    Point is, this IS NOT 2005. This Bronco team, and its players, are ahead of where the program was 6 years ago. UGA can't get to .500 with Top 5 recruiting classes. yet their fans want to tout that superiority? Okay, roll with that.

    If Boise State was in the SEC? That's a mighty big if there son. You have to admit they'd benefit from SEC money, facilities, and so on to help with bringing in those recruits. That combined with the already world-class coaching and development that currently exists in Boise, and I think the SEC would have a wee bit of problem handling Boise State. Nevermind that they're neither South or Eastern.

    What UGA has going for them is past seasons of glory and winning. Unfortunately that does little to win games. Ask Notre Dame.

    I won't be so obtuse as to predict a beatdown, I think it'll be closer to what we saw against VA Tech. I will say that I'll put money on the Broncos to cover.

  24. Mikrino
    I sit in awe of you!
    Sincerely DP

  25. so many things wrong with this blog post. But all I'm thinking is that your question is irrelevant. What you should be asking is "is bus's defense going to dominate georgia?" Yes. It is. There is no sense in comparing our D to Alabama, because you can't beat Alabama either. Let's see a rundown of your D in recent history, shall we? then let's talk comparisons.

  26. Boise State can only beat whoever they play. If they don't play the great ones then how can they beat them. Kudos to UGA for playing them. I love hearing excuses and put downs before a game. Really makes the game more fun! BTW: Note also, for anyone whose counting, that in those games where BSU routed the opponents, their starters only played half to 2/3rds of the game. Numbers don't mean much with poor competition that's true. For this reason I would like to see Boise State quit holding back whenever they play a good team and route them as well.

  27. "a lot of prospects who would be four or five star recruits if they went to a different high school or were recruited by a powerhouse program. Those are the players that Boise gets. Dont be fooled by the recruiting rankings, which are purely business driven."

    Wholly preposterous EXCUSES Boise State has for the level of talent. If this were the case, Boise State fan - all 1 of you - then, sir what we actually would see for the football program with the most wins since Mark Richt came here 11 years ago now, is that Boise State would have MORE PLAYERS in the NFL.

    Nothing is farther from the truth.

    15 Boise State Broncos are in the NFL today

    45 Georgia Bulldogs are in the NFL today

    I presume of course, that the NFL is just business and that they too know that only by having 45 Georgia Bulldogs on their 53-man rosters will anybody go their WebPages of the NFL and look up the facts on just how talented your players are compared to our players.

    One-third the talent we have.

    Which is approximately what Scout.com says


    Boise State :

    Number 69 average recruiting classes last 5 years

    Georgia :

    Number 11 average recruiting classes last 5 years

  28. Boise State does not have the talent at the high end and Boise State does not have the depth, either, of top talent that Georgia has, or you would NOT have one-third the number of NFL players today than Georgia.

    Quit with the EXCUSES that Boise State is great because you play 10 of your 12 regular season games this season coming up against the Rivals # 81 team every week except for TCU and UGA.

    You guys have NO HOPE of beating UGA.


    You do NOT have the talent, this time - not according to Scout.com

    but to verify Scout.com


  29. "And Boise has beat teams from everybig conference but apparantly every time its just a fluke according to all those teams,but its really just not being able to face facts."



    Boise State has played the PAC-10 games 14 times and won only 5. 5-9

    Boise State has LOST EVERY GAME against the Big 10.

    Boise State has LOST EVERY GAME against The SEC.

    Boise State does not even have a winning record against the weak irrelevant ACC.

    As a matter of fact, Boise State is only 16-10 against the Big West, whatever that is.

    Don't come in an SEC blog and LIE about your football team.

    "And Boise has beat teams from everybig conference but apparantly every time its just a fluke according to all those teams,but its really just not being able to face facts."

    When you 1st beat an SEC team, let me know. You could not compete in The SEC, as is quite obvious on YOUR POINTS you LIE about in the football games played on the field by your INFERIOR TALENT.

  30. "Boise State can only beat whoever they play. If they don't play the great ones then how can they beat them."

    Try beating the ones, you do play. Your record against them is HORRIBLE while you try to point to 2 games out of all the games you have ever played in your entire stinking history.

    Boise State lost to East Carolina 2007 a conference USA team. Yes, UGA lost to a Conference USA team in the bowl game who is # 21 in AP Poll for the 2010 season. What was East Carolina ranked in 2007 when Mighty Boise State Lost to East Carolina ? East Carolina finished unranked in the AP Poll 2007, while UCF finished # 21 in the AP Poll 2010.

    Oh, we Lost to Colorado. Excuse me, Boise State Lost to a Big West 2-9 North Texas, Lost to a Big West 3-8 North Texas, Lost another game to another Big West 3-8 North Texas, Lost to a Big West 6-5 Nevada 24-52, 6-5 Utah State, a 5-6 Nevada, a 5-6 North Texas, a 6-5 Idaho - all these just against the Mighty Big West, again, whatever that is.

    A 4-9 Washington beat you 10-24 in 2007. A 5-6 Oregon State beat you. A 4-7 Washington State beat you. A 4-7 UCLA beat you 7-38. A 3-8 Washington State beat you.

    SEC Arkansas just a 6-6 team beat Boise State.

    SEC Arkansas also beat you 41-14.

    SEC South Carolina even beat you.

    SEC Georgia beat you 48-13.

    And, you run in here and LIE that you have beat every teams from every Big Conference. Oh, yeah ? Name me 1 SEC team you have beat ? Go ahead. I will wait until the cows come home for that answer, either, because you NEVER have beat an SEC team EVER.

    "Your team will continue to meddle in mediocrity in pursuit of High Star kids with low moral fiber" That's funny. I thought it is Boise State who fired you AD today for cheating in football, while you go on NCAA MAJOR INFRACTIONS NCAA PROBATION.

  31. 8-23

    8-23 is what Boise State actually is in football games against SEC, Big XII, PAC-10, Big East, ACC and Big 10 - the 6 BCS Conferences.


    4-11 is what your record would be then, per season playing in - you choose - any BCS Conference.

    Boise State cannot get 33,270 fans in your stadium and you think you can win The SEC when no one watches your games now winning against nobody opponents and LOSING to the teams you BRAG you beat. You do NOT.

    Boise State would win The SEC. Boise State will win 51-7. 2005 was a FLUKE because Boise State just had a bad QB that 1 year, forget that he was this same QB for Boise State 12-1 the year before we HUMILIATED YOU by 5 TD, and 14-0 is what this same - oh we had a bad QB that one 2005 season - did the season AFTER we dominated you as we do again this time.

    Oh, we beat all the big conferences 8-23 record.

    Try making 1 truthful statement.

    Yeah, right.

    8-23 vs BCS and you would win SEC beat all the big conferences

  32. The football nerds just proved you wrong. Uh-oh!

  33. "Boise State Lost to a Big West 2-9 North Texas, Lost to a Big West 3-8 North Texas, Lost another game to another Big West 3-8 North Texas, Lost to a Big West 6-5 Nevada 24-52, 6-5 Utah State, a 5-6 Nevada, a 5-6 North Texas, a 6-5 Idaho - all these just against the Mighty Big West, again, whatever that is."

    So, you're judging Boise State in 2011, based off of games played in their first 3 or 4 years of becoming D-1A?

  34. No, I am judging Boise State on a 0 percent winning percentage all-time vs The Mighty SEC, ever.

    I am judging Boise State on a 25 percent winning percentage vs any ole football team on any ole BCS 6 Conferences, ever.

    I am not judging Boise State by a game you got a fumble recovery against Wyoming a 3-9 team, last season, who themselves beat no one either.

    And, as for your URL Link in the previous post you asked us to go read, study and comment on, I did that for you sir. And, told them you sent me there. Which of course, right here you did, didn't you ?

    This URL Link you provide says that he wishes that Boise State would have played Auburn last season.

    Auburn won 7 games last season against teams who ended the season in the AP Poll Top 25. Again, Boise State all-time in your history has won only 8 of 31 games against any ole BCS 6 Conference team.

    Your stadium hold 33,000. Your TV ratings are 0. Your talent is non-existent. Your NFL players are nowhere to be found. Your recruiting rankings are horrible. Your top-talent are in fact, such as Kellen Moore determined today to be in fact the # 144 pick in the NFL draft next year, poor small under-sized, non-real-talent playing against the likes of nobodies discussed on the WebPages URL Link you provide : Wyoming a 3-9 team you wow, got a fumble recovery against, thus making you eligible to play Auburn you say.

    What total hogwash.

    If Boise State played in The SEC, you would have a 4 losses for every win.

    Did you get that ?

    Cease with the stats against the podunks of college football and quit whining no one will play Boise State, when you win a grand total of 1 out of every 4 games against any ole BCS 6 Conference opponent.

    Ever, all-time.

    Last year, year before that, year before that, or any other year - including ESPECIALLY against Georgia 3 September.

    Obviously, you don't get it. 48-13 means nothing to you. Write off the fact that we beat you by 5 TD. Act so high and mighty what you would have done against Auburn based upon your stats against 3-9 opponent every single game all season long.

    This season, you play 10 of your 12 regular season games against 10 teams every single week Rivals Ranks the # 81 opponent.

    And, you play TCU and Georgia.

  35. You won a bowl game played on December 22 in the freezing rain against a "football team" who won games, themselves, in their every win, won over "football teams" who won 48 of 126 games.

    12/22 bowl game, I mean like wow.

    Opponent beat teams who totalled in every win all season long, 48 wins out of 126 games.

    38 percent winning percentage of every opponent your "bowl game" opponent beat all season long.

    A match-up made in heaven playing Boise State.

    Remind me again where Utah ended up ranked in the AP Poll, you beat 12/2 in your "bowl game" ?

    That's right not ranked in the Top 25. But, because you are so great and the NFL cannot judge talent at Boise State for some odd reason you cannot bring yourself to share with anyone, you should have played Auburn who won 7 games against teams who ended up in the AP Poll Top 25.


  36. If you change the name from Boise to Hawaii, then we've heard all this stuff before.