Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Relax, it's just a scrimmage

You've likely heard/seen the initial stats from Georgia's first scrimmage today. If not, I bet you can find them. You seem like a pretty resourceful person.

The key takeaways, for those of you used to business meeting jargon, are that there were a lot of sacks, Crowell and Samuel were effective on the ground, Murray was efficient through the air, and Samuel fumbled once.

In reality, though, these are not important at all. They are interesting to see from the standpoint of finding out what guys were out there running around and making some plays, but for the love of all that is good and holy, I implore you to not read into these numbers any more than to say, "Neat."

We don't know the circumstances of any of the plays, we don't know how or why a play ended up the way it did, and beyond all that, it's a week into fall camp. If Georgia's starting O-Line gives up 10 sacks against BSU, then we might be in some trouble. I'm as interested as the next fellow regarding the stats from a general curiosity standpoint, but before any stats are officially entered for the 2011 season, consider them next to worthless.


  1. I'm with you on preseason stats, I don't pay much attention to them. However, I do pay attention to the fact that 1s go against 2s. I don't know if this is for the scrimmage, or if this is for every practice but I don't see the "payoff" to it. Is Aaron Murray going to get better with 1s rushing him and covering the WRs or 2s? Is Cordy Glenn going to get better having to block Tyson, Abry Jones and Jarvis Jones on a Blitz or Vasser, Lott or whomever. Maybe 1s go against 1s in drills and practices but I usually only hear of 1s going against 2s.

  2. I agree that they might benefit from running 1's vs. 1's on occasion. However, I believe a lot of it stems from the fact that they want to create certain "looks" to simulate certain game scenarios. But, to do that, they have to have the offense or defense practice in such a way that is different from what they're trying to do. Also, you might have a situation where the offense is trying out some new plays, but if they are going against the 1's, then the defense might just keep blowing it up before you even get a good look at it. Again, though, I think there is definitely some merit to have a "man up" type of practice with 1's vs. 1's.

  3. If they were meaningless scrimmages, no team in the country would do them. However, they mean something. Otherwise there wouldn't be 3 of them. Read what the coaches say, not necessarily stats.

  4. The scrimmages themselves are far from meaningless. I think the point here is that the stats should not be particularly valued.