Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Can Orson Charles really be a premier weapon?

During his recruitment, Orson Charles had as much fanfare surrounding him as any tight end you're likely to find. Part of that was that he had all the quickness and ball skills of a wide receiver, built into a tight-end's body and mind. It also didn't hurt, especially in the eyes of Georgia fans, that he accidentally busted Florida's BCS National Championship trophy (Still holding out hope that maybe, about 20 years down the road, he'll tell us he did it on purpose).

Make no mistake. Charles has made an impact. In just two years, he's amassed about 50 catches and 800 yds, including 5 TDs. He's also averaged over 16 yds per catch, a lofty number for a tight end.

But, despite the accolades, achievements, and numbers, I'm still left wondering just how much impact a tight end can really have, particularly in the passing game. After all, he's not even running a pattern on all passing plays, and it's just not something you see all that often (it does happen, though. Antonio Gates has basically been San Diego's leading receiver for the past 5 years).

That is why it's heartening to hear that the Dawgs may try to move Charles around a bit. He was described by Richt as being the best receiver the Bulldogs have right now, bar none. He's also seemingly taking on much more of a leadership role, and he'll need to have some numbers and big plays to back that up.

So, what do you think? Can Orson Charles really be a big-time weapon overall, or will he just be a big weapon for a tight end?


  1. Of course he can be all of that and more. If Bobo has the courage to implement him.

  2. Hope so, but he only scored 1 td against a real team in 2010. Charles also drops more balls than any guy on the team with his 46% drop rate as he only catches 54% of passes thrown to him. Not good at adjusting to balls not thrown on the money and often even drops those.

  3. Well, those are certainly two vastly differing opinions.