Monday, August 8, 2011

Freshmen nearing tipping point for significant playing time

Although the Dawgs are just 4 practices into the fall schedule, you can bet coaches and players are already forming opinions on who will play a significant amount, who might get some special teams and mop-up duty, and who is looking like a redshirt candidate.

Mark Richt and Mike Bobo have become especially enamored with the phrase "their heads are swimming (or spinning, depending on the day)." Makes sense, because the college game is simply so much more involved with regard to responsibilities and reads on dozens upon dozens of plays. Then, there's the fact that they're adjusting to being away from home, not being the big man on campus, the speed and toughness of the college game, and numerous other factors. It's tough.

That being said, teams can't afford to slow up the pace of getting ready for both the season and the first opponent for the sake of bringing certain freshmen along slowly. It's a "throw 'em in the water and see if they can swim" mentality. Although, necessity and lack of depth can sometimes dictate whether a few select guys get a little more attention.

Ultimately, a guy like Isaiah Crowell is not going to redshirt unless he is just completely lost out there (which all reports indicate is coming along nicely). The need is just too great, and the upside is too appealing. But, for others who are waiting in line behind several veterans, they are nearing a point where coaches are looking at them and saying, "he's just not ready."

Taking all that into account, though, it's interesting to note that the Dawgs have precious few positions where depth is a non-issue right now. Cornerback (and nickel) are looking pretty full, and there will be one or two candidates for a redshirt at WR (though most expect Malcolm Mitchell to play early and often).

Put simply (too late, right?), the Bulldogs may be forced to play a few guys who, in another year, would be redshirted.


  1. Few redshirts is no real concern.

    If true freshmen can help us this year, let's get 'em on the field to show what they can do.

    The only bad non-redshirt year is a non-redshirted year spent stuck on the bench. It doesn't sound as though CMR et al. plan to let freshman talent sit on the bench if they can contribute.

    Let's play everyone who can help when and as they can help. We can worry about 2012 when 2012 rolls around.

  2. Dave, I could not agree more. I am sick and tired of listening to these bunch of milksops from Idaho ranting about how powerfully dominant their team is and how they are going to show the world they deserve to be in the conversation about the MNC by beating us on September 3rd. Man, I don't won't to just win that game in the Dome, I want to crush them. No mercy, no taking a knee in the red zone with the game in hand. Sportsmanship be damned. C-R-U-S-H them!!!