Saturday, August 27, 2011

Richt is nothing if not unpredictable

What do a couple of years falling short of expectations lead to? Some changes in the coaching staff? Sure. A new style and attitude in strength and conditioning? Check. But, these days, you're seeing a bit more of a rogue attitude, with apologies to Sarah Palin.

Take this latest issue/non-issue with CB Branden Smith. He was seen in a walking boot and crutches the other day. That much has been deemed certain. Beyond that, though, there has been no addressing of it by Claude Felton or the coaching staff. Not even so much as an acknowledgement that he was in a walking boot, thereby suggesting he hurt his ankle or foot, at least in some capacity.

We add to that the whole "Who's #1?" issue/non-issue with him and Isaiah Crowell. It has been assumed, given Smith's role in past years and during G-Day that he will continue to see limited action on offense. Obviously, he and Crowell couldn't be on the field at the same time if they're both wearing #1. Yet, the players and staff elegantly dance around it with Baryshnikovian skill.

That's not to suggest that jersey numbers are the most important thing in the world, but you'd think there'd have been a decision made known unless there was something behind it.

There are also rumors swirling about former starting safety Baccari Rambo. After being penciled in (at least by everyone outside the program) as the starter up until fall camp, he's slowly being mentioned less and less, and coaches are reticent to even mention his name now during post-practice pressers. He's like a gridiron Beetlejuice.

Some think he may have gotten himself into some hot sauce and will be suspended for a game or two, or more. Others have either heard, or just flat-out made baseless claims that he's being integrated into a "wild-dawg" package. I know, I know. The Internets have never been a place for rumors, and shame on me for suggesting such a thing.

Ultimately, it could be as simple for Branden Smith as he did hurt his foot a bit, and there is not enough to go on to make any proclamations as to its severity. And, it could be that there are no real plans to integrate him into the offense any more than once or twice a game, and they'll just do that with Richard Samuel in the backfield (or nobody else in the backfield) to avoid any number conflicts.

Further, it could just be the case that Rambo has been outplayed by Sanders Commings and/or Shawn Williams (Commings has been playing just about every DB position under the sun).

Whatever the case may be, Richt seems perfectly happy to let the rumors swirl. After all, the more Boise State, South Carolina, and everybody else has to consider, the better off Georgia will be.

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  1. Dave,

    Nice article. I was blogging about this very thing over at another blog.