Friday, July 8, 2011

We'll see shortly what Crowell wants out of his college career

It has become seemingly more certain by the hour that Caleb King has been ruled academically ineligible for the 2011 football season (we'll wait until we see official word from the University). If so, then Isaiah Crowell has a couple of distinct routes he can choose.

First, he can take the approach that there is basically nobody standing in his way of being the starting tailback. With apologies to Carlton Thomas, Ken Malcome, and Brandon Harton, if Crowell's abilities were gauged even remotely accurately, he should be able to win at list a co-starting job if he simply puts in an adequate amount of work.

Or, he can take the approach that this can really be his chance to shine from the get-go. Take a cue from Aaron Murray, Orson Charles, and others that have been singled out as having a phenomenal work ethic, never being satisfied, and always trying to improve.

Without King and Ealey ahead of him, Crowell has a chance to truly be the type of #1 back that many Georgia fans have been clamoring for. A running back who doesn't leave the offensive backfield until the game has been put away.


  1. Well whats new another failure for Mark Richt and co.

  2. I hear ya, Fed up. On the other hand, "he" has managed to keep 70+ other scholarship players eligible.