Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where does Georgia's O-Line (lack of) depth come from?

It's no secret that Georgia's offensive line depth chart is about as barren as the Best Buy in Pennsylvania Dutch country.

I was curious what our luck has been like regarding the OL recruits going back to 2007 (that would be the year that Justin Anderson, who's penciled to start at RT, signed, among others).

Here's a list of O-Linemen we signed from 2007-2010 that are no longer with the team. I've ruled out those that have either graduated or left early for the NFL, and focused solely on those who didn't make it to the end of their college careers in a 'normal' way.

Ben Harden
Chris Little (was thought to be the stud of the OL class)
Tanner Strickland
Trinton Sturdivant (would have been starting LT)
AJ Harmon
Jonathan Owens
Kwame Geathers (moved over to DL pretty quickly, so a bit different situation)
Brent Benedict

So, basically, if the Dawgs even had 1/2 of those guys, the O-Line depth wouldn't be a non-issue.

Everybody has attrition, bad injuries, and so forth, but this is borderline ridiculous. At any rate, that's where we are.

If Richt manages to survive this season and beyond, the staff is going to be forced to up the ante on O-Line signees. Simply put, until their luck starts turning around, they're just going to have to offer more linemen, and probably even offer some linemen that would, in an ordinary situation, be considered "borderline" talent-wise, which could work out anyway. After all, there are a LOT of linemen in the NFL that played at places like Nevada-Reno, Fresno St, and Wake Forest.

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