Thursday, July 14, 2011

Leave Samuel alone, people!

He's 6'2", 240lbs, and runs a sub 4.5 forty, and he's played running back before. So, given the ridiculous inexperience and lack of depth at running back, it might make sense to at least entertain the idea of moving Richard Samuel back to running back. If you missed it, he apparently tweeted earlier that he "has a tough life changing decision to make," and that has most wondering if the coaching staff has asked him to move back to his original position (original meaning the position he first played at UGA).

Best to just leave him be.

First, although he showed a couple of glimpses of what could be (a long TD run against Arkansas in 2009 was something to watch), it never seemed like he really had the vision nor the balance to play running back in the SEC. He was moved from RB to LB due, in part, to this fact, although he was also likely to be behind Washaun Ealey and Caleb King anyway.

Second, while I'm usually in the camp of having players do what's best for the team, I think doing what's best for Richard Samuel is OK in this case. He's got a chance to really settle in (remember, he's just a junior) and put his incredible size and speed to use at linebacker. He would seem to be just too talented to be a guy you move around in order to create a little depth.

It's a tough situation, and if the coaching staff did indeed ask him to make the switch, it couldn't have been easy for them. I imagine it was sort of a hat-in-hand approach.

"Ummm, yeah, remember that thing a couple of years ago, where we said your future was on defense? Soooo, we need you to forget that ever happened and move back to running back."

I suppose the bottom line is, if the staff feels that there's no way the Dawgs can have an effective offense with Samuel at RB, then I suppose you've got to move him. However, if they're main impetus is to move him in order to feel just a little better about things, then leave poor Richard alone.

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  1. Agree 100% but it looks like the coaches have worked their evil magic on him and he has agreed to the move. Dawg bless him because he is really taking one for the team. I hate it because I think he could have been special at LB.