Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jarvis Jones' "eligibility" another NCAA stupid-go-round

The latest on the "is he going to be suspended or isn't he" saga regarding starting outside linebacker Jarvis Jones is that he is going to be eligible...until he isn't eligible.

While not on as grand a scale, it's similar to what's going on at Auburn, when a week ago, head coach Gene Cizik was told by the NCAA that the investigation of recruiting improprieties regarding Cam Newton was ongoing.

Another situation it can be likened to that hits closer to home is the AJ Green issue last year. For weeks leading up to the Dawgs' season opener, the implications of Green selling a jersey to an agent of an agent were seemingly going nowhere. Georgia was mum, except to say they were practicing as if Green would start. Then, even as the season got underway, the Bulldogs (who did the smart thing) held Green out, still waiting for the NCAA to levy a decision. It eventually came a couple of weeks in, and Green still had to sit out two additional games.

So, we wait while the NCAA continues to drag its collective feet on the Jarvis Jones situation. The difference here is that, if you believe everything that's been printed thus far, we already know exactly what he did (basically, he took a flight with an AAU team out west, and the flight was paid for using "inappropriate" funds by the director). All we need is for the NCAA to determine if it's an offense worthy of suspension, and if so, how long of a suspension.

There are still about 45 days until kickoff. This story has been circulating for about a month. It didn't take 75 days to put a case together and convict Al Capone. But, something tells me the NCAA will just leave this hanging over Georgia's head, as they neither absolve Jarvis Jones, nor "indict" him.

It'll just be "out there."

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