Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When you get that notion, put your backfield in motion

A little "Da Butt" for your Wednesday morning, but apropos for Georgia's offense this fall, given a potential problem at O-Line and inexperience at RB.

Under Richt and Bobo, Georgia has been one of the few schools to really make use of the fullback position over the past several years. In an era of spread offenses and wide open passing games, the fullback has become sort of a forgotten position for many teams, where the need for a bruising lead blocker is not needed. In addition, the Dawgs have gotten many a first down by calling the fullback's number out of the backfield on a quick screen or swing pass.

The switch of Bruce Figgins from the ridiculously deep tight end position to fullback presents some interesting possibilities, as well as some solutions for the aforementioned (potential) issue at O-Line and RB.

Figgins could be a huge asset in 3rd and long situations, as the former tight end was known for his blocking. And, at 6'4, 272 (we'll see if that sticks by the time kickoff rolls around), he'd be nearly impossible to simply run over en route to the QB. Further, as a 5th year senior whose primary responsibility has been blocking, Figgins ought to have various blocking techniques down pat. He also has plenty of experience catching the ball. For, despite having only 9 career receptions, he's spent a significant portion of practice time in pass-catching drills.

That's not to discount Zander Ogletree. The sophomore played sparingly last season, but coaches really like his effort and enthusiasm. At 5'9, 224lbs, he's not exactly the prototypical size for a FB. However, generally speaking as a lead blocker, the FB only need hit the hole, pick out his assignment, and engage him in a stalemate long enough for the ball carrier to speed by.

Whoever the personnel, expect Georgia to continue to utilize the fullback, and possibly to expand his role.

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