Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Will Ray Drew be a vocal leader as a freshman?

He's known as the Pastor of the Pass Rush. The Bishop of the Blitz. The Deacon of Defense. The Abbot Assassin. He's Ray Drew. (OK, he's not known by any of those things, but feel free to start a grassroots campaign to get one or all of those rolling)

His chipper, happy-go-lucky attitude off the field is matched only by his intensity and effort on it, according to most. And, early scuttlebutt is that he's not letting his status as a true freshman who's never played a down in college stand in the way of being who he is.

Despite being a 5-star defensive end coming out of high school, Drew is not expected to be an every-down outside linebacker (where he'll likely play for Georgia) this season. Though most expect him to contribute in 2011, it will probably be more on special teams and as a third-down pass rush specialist later in games and as the season wears on.

So, the question becomes, can a true Freshman, albeit one of such character and charisma and future greatness, be a vocal leader for the Georgia defense?

It seems that lately, the few real leaders the Dawgs have had on the defensive side of the ball have been more of the 'walk softly and carry a big stick' variety. Don't get me wrong, those types are great in their own right, but of the many little things that Georgia's been missing of late, a real vocal motivator in the ranks is certainly on the list.

We'll see if the "Saint of the Slobberknocker" is ready to lead, and if the rest of the defense is willing to follow.


  1. John Maxwell talks about the 5 levels of leadership. Level 1 is the title only. Like Richt appointing Murray as the leader after Mettenberger defaulted. Level 2 is relationship bond. Level 3, is where it locks up, you have to get some big wins for the TEAM, not yourself. Level 4 & 5 ain't worth talking about yet. In other words, you have to find a leader that isn't just vocal, but can get a team to WIN A BIG GAME. Easier said than done. Drew could be the guy, did a good job getting guys to follow him in the recruiting process, but making big plays in big games that win big games, that's what real leaders do.

  2. True, and nobody expects or considers him to be a 'level 5' leader. I think the point is that every little bit helps, even if he is just a 'rah-rah' leader at present.

  3. here's hoping the "cleric in cleats" makes a huge impact...

  4. Cleric in Cleats. Nice. Yeah, he's definitely going to have to make some significant plays during the year for his words to carry weight.

  5. Why don't we discuss how many angels fit on the head of a pin? It's more uplifting and germaine to UGA Football than giving a title (or discussing it) to an incoming freshman. These things will take care of themselves.

    I'm trying to be a leader here since some of you sound like you just wandered off the reservation and need to be rounded up into the fold again.

  6. @ Anon 12:38pm....

  7. He's a minister. Therefore, a leader by vocation. His "flock" just happens to be a bunch of kids playing some ball