Friday, June 17, 2011

Is Boise St. still a no-win situation for Dawgs?

When the Broncos visited Athens in 2005, they were considered a very good mid-major conference opponent, and a few prognosticators even went so far as to predict their upset of Georgia that year. After all, they'd gone 11-1 the year before. The result was a 48-13 thrashing by Georgia. Nonetheless, Boise St. went on to go 13-0 in 2006, and have generally continued the pace year in, year out since that fateful day.

Last year, more writers, coaches, etc. were seemingly ready to give them their shot at the BCS title, until the Broncos were derailed by a solid Nevada team late in the year.

But, despite a couple of undefeated seasons and victories over perennial Top-25 teams like Oklahoma and Virginia Tech, there is still the issue of Boise St. having what amounts to a cupcake schedule year in, year out.

Nonetheless, BSU is, at last view, bouncing around between a 3 and 6 point favorite against Georgia on a technically neutral field, but one that should amount to a home field for the Dawgs.

I pose the question: Is this still a "no-win" situation for Georgia? That is, if the Dawgs beat up on the Broncos, will the majority of the college football world simply shrug and say, "that's what they should have done?" Likewise, will it be a total embarrassment for UGA if they lose to the Broncos, regardless of the score?

Or, do you think that the Dawgs will get some props for beating a team that's been in or around the top 10 for the better part of 5 years?


  1. It can only help to beat a team that has received the coverage like Boise has the last few years. It will be a nationally televised game and we can really get the "buzz" going around Athens again with a win. This canly only bleed over into recruiting as well, and any good coach will tell you, you are only as good as your recruits. Do you really think Chisik won the Nattional Championship, nope Cam Newton & Nick Fairley won it for them. Take those two away and out of their scheme and they lose three games.

  2. I tend to agree, Blog daddy. At this point, I think people would view a win as being impressive, and not so much as "taking care of business."

  3. BTW - Seems like we are getting a lot of love to win the east. South Carolina always scares me and they play very well first of the year. I think our front seven on defense will give Garcia fits however, and put some much needed pressure on the offense which will make our DBs look much, much better. John Jenkins, Ogletree, and J Jones will be a force on d this year. If we can win these first two games, I like the momentum and I feel we very well could play for the SEC Championship. I would hate to play bama, but I would love to play LSU..I just feel we play much better the end of the year, and Miles and company can be outcoached by Richt. What are your thoughts on this season?

  4. I'm planning on offering my take on the season next week in a more in-depth preview. However, I will say that I'm not overly impressed with Carolina. Yes, they beat Bama, which was impressive, but frankly, it took Georgia, Florida, AND Tennessee turning in their worst years in quite a while in order to win the East. But, like you said, they tend to play us tough, win or lose.

    I'm expecting the defense to be improved, at least to some degree. My concern lies in the O-Line. I think we could be ok if the guys penciled in right now hold up, but if there are any significant injuries, we'll be in some trouble.

  5. A win over a top ten ranked BSU should help.

    The day that a win over a top ten team doesn't help, that is the day that we need to scrap the BCS and start over.