Saturday, August 5, 2017

Terry Godwin - Slotted For Success?

Last season, Terry Godwin was expected to build upon his fairly successful freshman campaign. In fact, he posted virtually the same exact numbers, and failed to reach the end zone (with a reception, as he did have the onside kick score vs. USCjr.).

Reports suggest that he will be assuming the role of slot receiver vacated by the electric Isaiah McKenzie. It's pure conjecture at this point, but there are certain aspects of his game that would seem to lend themselves to this being a more natural and productive fit.

The use of the slot receiver has really made a jump over the last couple decades, particularly in the NFL. Long thought of as a safety blanket, the slot is now an integral weapon for offenses. It's quite common for a team's slot receiver to lead in total receptions, which was unheard of until about 10 years ago.

What makes a good slot receiver?

A lot of people's first instincts are to say that he's smaller and quicker. While quickness is key, stature is becoming less and less important. For example, Larry Fitzgerald had a resurgence of sorts last year with the Cardinals moving over to the slot, and he's a good 6'5".

To me, all receivers need some degree of quickness, but your slot receiver needs to run precise routes, have excellent hands, and perhaps above all, be tough. Most catches are happening at or just beyond the second level, and often in the middle of the field, so you need a guy whose not going to get those alligator arms, as the danger of an interception is augmented when throwing to those areas.

Godwin has shown that, while quick, he doesn't have elite top-end speed, and at 5'11", he's not going to typically "out-physical" a DB either.

What surprised me most, especially since he did not really play WR in high school, are his hands and his toughness. He's had very few, if any, drops in his career, and I love the way he catches everything with his hands out away. He has the ability to snatch balls out of the air. It wouldn't surprise me if some of this comes from playing so much baseball (he got a tryout with the Braves farm system before settling on UGA), where quick and instinctive hand-eye coordination is vital.

I was also surprised at how tough he is, particularly for someone of a relatively slight build. He's tough to bring down, and doesn't mind contact. Again, at his size, he seems to enjoy delivering a blow to opposing DBs if the opportunity to make a guy miss is not there.

In the end, Georgia needs a legitimate deep threat to help loosen up defensive secondaries. So, I'm not expecting Godwin's move to be the be-all, end-all of fixes for the offense. But, I absolutely think he will be a much better fit than his was outside. If Wims, Ridley, and a couple of the incoming freshmen (Holloman, Webb) can provide that outside presence, then look for Godwin to have a career year and possibly lead Georgia in receptions.

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