Tuesday, August 1, 2017

OK, we've got 'em, now where do we put 'em? Georgia's welcome conundrum

If you followed and/or hated on Mark Richt, particularly during his downfall years, you noticed an alarming trend; two, actually.

First, you saw a woefully undermanned roster in terms of total players on scholarship. The top number of 85 was certainly not reached, and even dropped to around 70 for a time.

Secondly, you saw under-recruited or mis-recruited positions and position groups, necessitating several position changes to provide adequate depth at these positions.

What followed was not only a shortage of talent on the field at certain spots, but also a lack of true competition during spring and fall. Not to suggest anyone was lollygagging by any means, but it's human nature to kind of go through the motions if you know a job is yours.

So, now it's 2017, and after what seemed to be some deft roster management (bringing in another kicker for a 1-yr scholarship, bringing in what many hope to be the next I-Mac, etc), Georgia finds itself with a fair amount of depth at most every spot on the field. Granted, much of it is young and untested, but it's there nonetheless.

Now the questions of who starts and who plays arise, but just as importantly, where do a lot of these guys settle in.

The biggest area for this to me comes in the DB group.

Georgia is clearly going in the direction of taller, lengthier DBs. They go 6ft, 6ft, 6ft, 6-2, 6-2, 6-2, and 6-3 as far as who the Dawgs signed in the last class. Now you've got to figure out who is a true corner, who's at the Star, and who might grow into or be a natural safety. You might even see, depending upon how the 2018 class goes, some redshirts who grow into LBs. LBs can grow into DE's, and so forth.

As confusing as it can get, the beauty is that the Bulldogs are, at present, not going to be required to make these changes based upon need at another position. There won't be much, "We really need some more depth at safety, so who's our biggest CB?" Instead, it will be because, after assessment in practice and eventually games, the staff will be able to make some changes based upon, "This guy's best position is such-and-such."

I'm not suggesting there will never be a roster issue, or a depleted position group, but for now, it's nice knowing we've got the talent and sheer number of bodies to not have to play musical chairs.

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