Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Lorenzo's (Carter) Oil

If you got that reference, then congratulations on being a Susan Sarandon fan.

As I dissect every sentence uttered by Kirby Smart during his post-practice pressers, I often have to remind myself that they'll probably have at most a 50% chance of being a telling prediction of the upcoming season.

On aspect that I found interesting yesterday regards Lorenzo Carter. Carter, you'll recall, was a high 4-star/5-star recruit who many viewed as the next Leonard Floyd. A lengthy, athletic, first-off-the-bus kind of guy who could be a terror off the edge once he matured and gained experience.

While far from bad, Carter's career seems to have been marked by inconsistency, as well as an inability to finish off plays.

I was intrigued to hear Smart talk about Carter as a high-energy guy, a motor, to go along with his freakish size and athleticism.

To me, high energy implies that he doesn't take plays off, doesn't let up until the whistle, etc. Take that, along with his natural ability, and you wonder why he hasn't had more of an impact to this point in his career.

As he supposedly played at around 235-240lbs last year, you might make a case that he was a bit underweight to hold up for 60 minutes against the run, and yet, I would have still expected more sacks and QB pressures.

Kirby made it a point to mention that they are going to try to keep his weight at or above 250lbs. this year, so perhaps that will pay dividends. He's also mentioned himself that the finality of this season with respect to college ball (and no championships to speak of) has really hit him, so perhaps that will be the extra motivation he needs to finally get over the hump.

It will be interesting to follow his play this year, and honestly, I think we'll be able to tell early on if this will be the Lo Carter we've been hoping to see since he arrived in 2014. App State's offense doesn't lend itself to many true sacks, but if he goes off against Notre Dame, look out. If he's sitting at 1/2 a sack and 1 QB pressure after 3 games, then the defense might be in a bit more trouble than we thought.

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