Monday, September 23, 2013

Georgia's SECRET WEAPON against the Tigers?

I think it's evident that, against North Texas, Georgia wanted to give the Tigers a little more to think about, by showing the "Rooskie" and the the halfback pass (well, WR pass to be more precise) with WootenDaBallCarrier. I say that, because it's fairly safe to say that the Dawgs were not having any trouble moving the ball against the Mean Green with a more conventional approach, so they didn't NEED to resort to trickery.

So, the question now becomes, has Georgia already emptied its bag of tricks in an effort to spread LSU thin mentally, or do the Bulldogs have more gadgetry up their collective sleeve?

In general, my only suggestion would be to max protect and take some shots downfield early and often. North Texas proved that any running game can be stopped if the defense completely sells out to stop it, and LSU is obviously bigger, faster, and stronger than the Mean Green. I think everyone will be expecting Georgia to get Gurley involved early. Aside from that, what kinds of things would you like to see that Georgia has not yet shown this year.


  1. Quavon needs some looks at tailback. Not in place of the top two but after the top two...late 3rd and 4th quarter type pounding. Watching his speed and agility he is no full back! Although he could become a great fullback I, as this as we are at tailback, I think he would be an excellent #3 punisher!

  2. Not too many guys would be dying to tackle him after about 50-55 minutes of football, that's for sure.

  3. More passes to the running backs. Get them the ball in open space and let them spank the Tigers. I want to see Hicks get the ball more in the second half.