Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Georgia needs to win this many games to keep the recruiting momentum up and rolling in '18

While recruiting is a fickle beast, it seems evident that Kirby Smart and staff are as good recruiters as there are in the country. Keeping together the '16 class during a coaching change, landing the #3 class in the country last year, and, although all the dominoes are yet to fall for '18, word around the campfire is that this class could be as good as or better than last year's.

That being said, there is still the matter of translating the talent to wins on the field. Likewise, that lack of success in recent years would seem to be the ace in the hole for other schools to negatively recruit against Georgia.

So far, Kirby can counter that by saying, "New staff, new day, look at how we've recruited so far - that will lead to big things, etc." However, that only lasts for so long.

While another mediocre season will not lead to a mass exodus by current recruits/commits, it's reasonable to expect that it would cause the Dawgs to lose at least a few key recruits. After all, a lot of top recruits want to feel confident that the school they are choosing will be competitive and challenge for a conference championship.

So, that brings me to my point: How many games/what type of season must Georgia have to more or less quash that one major negative recruiting point, that Georgia gets all these big time recruits, and does very little with them?

My thought is at least 9-3 w/ a trip to the SECCG, or possibly 10-2 and no SECCG. I think that either of those scenarios will be good enough this year to show recruits that Georgia has basically arrived, or will have by the time they get to school.

What are your thoughts?


  1. I think by the time recruiting is done Kirby will have played 14 games this season and be 10-4 at LEAST so I have no idea talking about recruiting and 10-2 or 9-3 you write about Dave.

    1. Of course I love the optimism, so let's just say those would be the records in the regular season.

  2. Considering this years schedule, what game(s) are not winnable? What game(s) should we not be favored?

    1. So as not to derail...The point/question is how many games or what type of season would be good enough to keep recruits/commits from flaking on us.

      But, I think your question goes somewhat hand-in-hand with that. Obviously, we don't know which teams on our schedule will be surprisingly good, bad, or as advertised. From a preseason perspective, I see 3-4 lose-able games, but no games that would appear to be penciled-in losses, either. Split the "lose-able" ones, and we should be in a good spot. Sweep or go 2-1/3-1 in those, and we're in a very, very good spot.