Wednesday, September 9, 2015

We'll NEVER learn, will we?

I couldn't count on all fingers and toes the number of superlatives, iron-clad predictions, assessments, or otherwise factually-stated opinions that have been bandied about after just one weekend of college football.

Josh Rosen is the single greatest true freshman QB that's ever played. 

Ohio State will win every game this season easily. Zeke Elliott, Cardale Jones, and Braxton Miller will finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in some order for the Heisman this year. 

Auburn's defense has arrived under Muschamp. 

Texas A&M's defense has arrived under Chavis.

Georgia still can't throw the ball down field. 

I know why you did it. 8+ months of no football. 1 weekend's worth of games to fill 88.2 hours of talk radio in every city in America. I get it. 

Look, nobody's here telling you that any or all of these aren't accurate statements (side note: Coaches, it's pronounced 'ack-yer-ut,' not 'ack-er-ut'). 

Ohio State is a terrific team with a cupcake, nay, a cream puff schedule. Josh Rosen looked like the greatest true freshman QB ever, and on and on. 

All I'm  saying is, dial it back a notch, you talking heads and gun-jumping fans. 

Remember, if we went by such observations after week 1 last year, Ohio State doesn't finish in the Top 25, and Georgia wins the National Championship. Let's hope both those things happen this year, actually. 

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