Tuesday, April 6, 2010

G-Day Intriguing, but Hard on the Fan's Psyche

If the weather people are right, and they rarely are, we're looking at a picture perfect day Saturday in Athens for the annual G-Day Spring Game, with the forecast calling for sunny skies, and temps in the low to mid 70s. Fans who attend the game (or watch on TV) will also be hoping for some picture-perfect play out of the 2010 Bulldogs. You see what I did there? I brought 'picture-perfect' back around, describing the weather and the play of the Dawgs.

It's always an interesting thing, trying to decide what you want to see out of G-Day, being that it's your own offense going against your own defense, particular if/when it's 1's vs. 1's. Obviously, with a new QB taking the reins in the fall, you'd like to see Georgia's offense have success, particularly in the passing game, and definitely don't want a stagnated, clueless, and otherwise inept aerial attack. You'd also prefer some of the younger guys, like Tavarres King and Orson Charles, continue to grow into key roles, and not just have AJ Green catch a few deep jump balls.

On the other hand, with a new (and hopefully improved) defense taking the field, it might be a little scary if the offense racks up 400 yds (given a running clock, i.e. a shorter game), suggesting the defense is far from where it needs to be. If, say, Caleb King breaks a few tackles and outruns the secondary for a 70 TD run, that's where we as fans are kind of at odds with ourselves. Do you think, "wow, Caleb looks unstoppable," or do you say to yourself, "man, our defense just got embarrassed?" It's the one time we get to see both sides of the coin, because during the regular season, it's all about us. If Arkansas throws up 45 pts, it's only going to be because our defense was lousy. If the Dawgs pile up 530 yds of offense, it's definitely because we are so balanced and dangerous.

I suppose that, after it's over, you want to see a 23-20 kind of game, where both sides of the ball, 1's and 2's, have their moments. You'd like maybe one or two INT's coming, but only by way of a terrific play by one of our DB's. And, of course, you hope there are minimal penalties and no serious injuries.

At the end of the (G) day, though, it's really just a chance to get your Sanford Stadium fix; to get out there, show your support for the Dawgs, see a few of the younger guys running around making plays, and get a vague, ridiculously premature idea of what to expect come late summer.

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